Synergy Coir Beneficial Microbes - Legana Plants Plus
Synergy Coir Beneficial Microbes - Legana Plants Plus

Synergy Coir Beneficial Microbes

Size: 275g

Product Information

Rhizosphere competence is the ability of a microorganism to *colonize and grow in association with plant roots. This is possibly the most important factor in considering the potential of any given isolate for biological control of root diseases because it is a measure of the ability of an isolate to survive in an environment.

Synergy Coir contains carefully selected Trichoderma species (sp.). Trichoderma sp. have been shown in numerous studies to improve resistance of plants against disease by acting as direct competition for ecological niches against pathogens, changing plant cell wall compounds, increasing enzyme activities, and/or production of pathogenesis-related proteins.

Trichoderma species are considered by many to be the superhero (super fungus) against evil parasites. They are highly adept assassins of pathogens. Trichoderma sp. are shown in numerous studies to colonize extremely efficiently in coir. In fact, coir is shown in several studies to be the ideal substrate for the mass production/multiplication of Trichoderma species. In simple terms, Trichoderma sp. thrive in coir, creating a prolific, dynamic, beneficial microflora that acts to prevent root disease. 


  • Promotes a dynamic, beneficial substrate/rhizosphere microflora
  • Promotes root health through ecological competition, mycoparasitism, antibiosis and inducing local and systemic plant defense responses
  • Increases root mass and health – larger, healthier roots = better yields
  • Reverses root oxidation/damage
  • Improves nutrient uptake

Key Points

  • Synergy Coir, 275 grams, with a recommended retail price of $85.00, treats 2750 litres with a cfu count of 20 million (20 x 106) cfu per litre of nutrient solution when applied at the recommended dosage rate of two scoops per 100 litres
  • Synergy Coir contains 4 species of Trichoderma (harzianum, viride, koningii. reesei)
  • These 4 species work in synergy to create a hostile environment for root zone pathogens
  • Trichoderma species are considered by many experts in the field of agriculture and microbiology to be the “superhero (super fungus) against evil parasites
  • Trichoderma species are ideally suited to coir. Several studies have shown that coir is an ideal substrate for the mass production of Trichoderma
  • High numbers (expressed through colony forming units/cfu) and efficient colonization of a beneficial bacteria and/or fungi species is critical in root disease prevention/suppression. Numerous studies have demonstrated that Trichoderma rapidly multiplies and colonises organic substrates such as coir
  • Trichoderma coil around pathogenic fungi, release enzymes to break down the cells and consume its prey
  • Trichoderma release chitinase enzymes that break down chitin—the primary material that makes up the cell walls of pathogens
  • In fact, when a large population of pathogenic fungi exists in the soil or substrate, Trichoderma increase chitinase production and feed almost exclusively on the pathogens.
  • Trichoderma also release another enzyme that is highly beneficial in root disease prevention: cellulase. Cellulase can penetrate root cells. When the cellulase penetrate the root cells, they automatically trigger the plant’s natural defense system. The plant’s metabolism is stimulated, but no harm is caused to the plant
  • When a plants defence system is switched on a cascade of events occurs and protection against other fungal parasites (e.g. botrytis, powdery mildew) has been observed in the leaves, stem and flowers of the plant due to Trichoderma’s ability to stimulate the plant immune system
Directions of Use

Standard application throughout the crop cycle

Apply at the rate of two scoops to 100 litres. To ensure Synergy is fully dissolved and no clumping occurs, pre-dissolve in water (approx 1 scoop to 250ml water) prior to applying to the nutrient tank/Res or other holding tank.

Establishing a prolific microflora prior to planting

Application of Synergy should be done as soon as possible to establish a high population of Trichoderma in the substrate. For this reason, ideally Synergy is applied to the coir substrate 3-days prior to planting. For this purpose, we recommend that a double strength (4 scoops to 100 litres) application of Synergy is hand watered evenly into the substrate to ensure saturation occurs throughout the entire substrate. This practice helps to establish a viable microbial colony in the substrate prior to plants being placed into the growing system.

Apply to cuttings/clones to establish early colonization in the roots

Trichoderma sp. have been shown to increase root growth and health during striking/cloning. For this reason, application during cloning promotes root health and growth from the outset.

Usage rates during cloning

Rockwool Cubes
Use at a rate of 1 scoop per 5 litres. Dip clone blocks in this solution.

Aero Cloning (e.g. Clone Station, Turboklone)
Use at a rate of 1 scoop to 10 litres.

Use Dechlorinated Water in the Growing System

Chlorinated water will disrupt (harm/kill) beneficial bacteria and/or fungi, regardless of the species or product. Even exposure to low levels of chlorine or chloramines for extended periods of time will disrupt the ability of Bennies to flourish. In short, when using beneficial microorganisms such as beneficial bacteria and fungi they must have chlorine and chloramine-free water to survive and flourish.

Fortunately, removing chlorine and chloramines from chlorinated water supplies is cheap and easy.

Technical Specifications


Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and below 25oC, preferably under refrigeration.


Classified as Non Hazardous
Contains live organisms. Avoid aerosols generated by aeration
Avoid skin contact


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