Native Plants

There is a special kind of beauty in a native garden. At our garden centre
we appreciate the unique benefits of choosing plants endemic to Australia; once established, native plants require less water and fertiliser than introduced species, while also attracting beneficial birds and insects. Most are disease resistant and require no pesticides.

We are proud to source many of our flowering natives locally from Grow Native Nursery, right here in Gravelly Beach.


When it comes to our homes, plants are a real game changer. They add style, reflect our personalities, clean our air and studies have even shown that they can reduce stress and improve our mood.

We carry an extensive range of indoor plants and the accessories to complement them; including pots, planters and terrariums.

Alongside classic houseplants like Sansevieria and Ficus , we also enjoy
sourcing more exotic varieties, such as Tacca Chantieri and Monstera

We update stock regularly, so you’ll always be able to find old favourites and new trends in store!


Flowers, foliage, perfume, aesthetic, practicality; perennials can be grown
for any combination of these things, but the feature they all share is
longevity! There are thousands of varieties - meaning multiple options to suit every garden size, budget, taste and purpose.

We can help you create charming, yet low maintenance, floral displays; use fascinating foliage to transform shaded garden zones and give movement and texture to sunny spaces with ornamental grasses.

May marks the arrival of our bare-root roses each year. Whether your interest
lies in the traditional styles, or more modern cultivars, we aim to stock an
extensive range of roses to suit everyone.

Fruits & Berries

As a gardener, few things are as satisfying as eating ripe fruit from your own trees. With a little effort and care, you could be harvesting your own in no time!

We carry a variety of citrus all year round; including lemons, oranges,
cumquats and more.

Come May you’ll find all your bare-rooted favourites, such as apples, cherries, strawberry runners and raspberry canes; as well as novelty and exotic fruits from plumcot to pleach, avocados, nuts and a range of double grafted trees. If space is a concern, talk to our staff about dwarf varieties and which edibles are suitable for growing in pots and planters.

Keep in mind that many fruit bearing trees become beautiful ornamental features through Spring, so they really are a delightful addition to any garden.

Cacti & Succulents

Loved for their exotic and highly sculptural shapes and styles, there are so many ways to feature both cacti and succulents inside or outside your home.

Succulent species such as Sedum, Sempervivum and Crassula make attractive ground covers. Rockeries are elevated by the architectural splendour of Echinopsis cacti and geometric beauty of Aeonium varieties.

In Tasmania many people choose to keep succulents and cacti as houseplants, often as talking points in the home; from the eye-catching Euphorbia ‘Crown of Thorns’, to the quirky and delightful Lithops or ‘Living Stone’.

Cacti and succulents are considered easy to grow, with most requiring a low level of care and quite a few thriving on neglect.