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Size: 100ml

Product Information

KILL-A-MITE is for control of pest mites on pears, apples, tomatoes, citrus, hops, strawberries and ornamentals, and for the control of pest mites and native budworm on cotton.
After application, KILL-A-MITE quickly moves onto leaves where it remains for several weeks and where it is taken up by sucking mites. KILL-A-MITE is not systematic, making good coverage essential. Abamectin that is not absorbed into plants is quickly degraded. 

Specifically used in the control of Spider Mite species, KILL-A-MITE can also be used on the following pests;

  • Queensland Fruit Fly
  • Cotton Thrips
  • Two-Spotted Mite
  • Tea Red Spider Mite
  • Broad Mite
  • Brown Citrus Rust Mite
  • Carmine Spider Mite
  • European Red Mite
  • Native Budworm
  • Tomato Russet Mite
  • Tobacco Leafminer (Potato Moth)
  • Broad Mite
  • Brown Citrus Rust Mite
  • Citrus Rust Mite
  • Maori Mite
  • Citrus Red Mite
  • Carmine Mite
  • Native Budworm Or Bollworm
  • Potato Moth Or Tobacco Leafminer
  • Tomato Russet Mite

Always use as per instructions, and observe withholding periods

Directions of Use

Crop Monitoring

Effective control depends upon regular monitoring of crops. Check crops regularly (every 3 – 5 days) during the season.

Application on Cotton

Air: Apply by air spray when there is a reliable cross wind to assist with good penetration into the crop canopy. Application should be carried out in the cooler parts of the day or night.

Preferably use aircraft fitted with micron air atomisers

Ground: use inter-row droppers fitted with nozzles spraying towards the cotton rows. Inter-row nozzles should be level with or just below the canopy and spraying at right angles to the ground.


Measure the required amount of KILL-A-MITE, add to the partly filled spray tank, and then add the remainder of the water. If oil is recommended, add this after the KILL-A-MITE is well mixed.
Wetting agent is not required.

Mixing Instructions for Apple & Pear Application



Summer Oil

1000L/ha (Minimum)



1500L/ha (Minimum)



2000L/ha (Minimum)



2500L/ha (Minimum)



To achieve 750mL KILL-A-MITE plus 5L Summer oil per ha, apply spray at the following mixing rates.

Dilution Rate (Assorted Crops)

Weak: 0.5ml/L
Strong: 1ml/L
This is a general rule of thumb when product label is not applicable. Always follow labels directions before going by this dilution rate.


KILL-A-MITE is compatible with most used insecticides and fungicides. Do not apply with ULV formulations.

Technical Specifications


Active constituent: 18g/L ABAMECTIN



Safety Directions

Poisonous if absorbed by skin contact or swallowed. Will damage eyes. Will irritate the skin.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not inhale spray mist.

When opening the container, preparing Spray, and using prepared spray, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and a washable hat, elbow length PVC gloves and goggles.

For space applications, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and a washable hat, elbow length PVC gloves, goggles and half facepiece respirator with dust cartridge or canister.

If product in eyes, wash it out immediately with water. After use and before eating, drinking, or smoking, wash hands, arms, and face thoroughly with soap and water. After each day's use, wash gloves, goggles, contaminated clothing, and respirator (and if rubber, wash with detergent and warm water).

First Aid

If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre (Phone Australia 13 11 26).
If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water. If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly. If in eyes wash out immediately with water.

Conditions of Sale

Nulife Technologies Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for the consistent quality of the product, however since the use and application of the product is beyond control, the company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, damage or other result following the use of the product whether used in accordance with directions or not; other than those mandatorily imposed by statutes, the liability is limited to the replacement of the goods and is conditional upon a claim made in writing and, where necessary, a sufficient part of the goods being returned for proper examination by the company within thirty days of sale.

Insecticide Resistance Warning

Insecticide resistance management KILL-A-MITE is a Group 6A insecticide. Some naturally occurring insect biotypes resistant to KILL-A-MITE and other Group 6A insecticides may exist through normal genetic variability in any insect population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the insect population if KILL-A-MITE or Group 6A insecticides are used repeatedly. The effectiveness of KILL-A-MITE on resistant individuals could be significantly reduced. Since occurrence of resistant individuals is difficult to detect prior to use Sevroc accepts no liability for any losses that may result from the failure of KILL-A-MITE to control resistant insects. KILL-A-MITE may be subject to specific resistant management strategies.
Therefore, KILL-A-MITE should not be applied more than the following number of times per season/crop and should not be used consecutively except where a two-spray schedule is specifically recommended.




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