Can-Fan LCD EC Speed Controller - Legana Plants Plus
Can-Fan LCD EC Speed Controller - Legana Plants Plus

Can-Fan LCD EC Speed Controller


Product Information

With the Can-Fan EC-controller, you can control up to 10 Q-Max EC or Max Fan Pro Series EC fans. The controller in connected to the fans EC-motor. Ideal for every working environment.

The sensor measures the temperature and humidity in the room, it’s also has a build-in light sensor to detect whether its day or night. The controller is Plug & Play, easy to use and you can control it with just 3 buttons.

  • Temperature and humidity settings
  • Day and night settings
  • Easy to control: Plug & Play!
  • Maximum and Minimum speed settings
  • More control, more flexibility
  • Noiseless and stepless
  • Multiple fans controllable through one controller

Every customer would like to run their fan on a controller. Sometimes a fan has a built in controller, but most of the time they are sold separately. Many fans already have a built in speed switch, varying from 2 – 4 speeds. AC fans (and also AC controllers) are also Amperage dependant. In other words: the number of fans you can run is limited. In addition to this, you can’t exceed the maximum amperage stated on the controller.

This is not an ideal situation. You want to control the full spectrum from 0 to 100%, since no workspace is the same. Those variables demand extra control and settings so you have more flexibility. Day and night settings for example, or more control on the temperature and humidity; elements that help you optimize the growth and bloom. In short, a perfect end result.

More flexibility and control is desirable. The newest generation EC-fans and the EC-controllers from Can-Fan don’t have the restrictions AC fans have. EC-fans are not limited by amperage. The number of fans you can control is theoretically unlimited. That is a huge step forward, provided that you use EC-fans like the Q-Max EC and the Max-Fan Pro Series EC. But what if you use AC-fans? Well, Can-Fan has developed an ingenious solution for that.

Can-Fan LCD EC Speed Controller - Legana Plants Plus

Can-Fan LCD EC Speed Controller

Directions of Use

Can-Fan LCD Speed Controller Installation

  1. Plug sensor into sensor port
  2. Connect fan to fan port using the provided cable
    (Extraction Fan Port 1, Intake Fan Port 2)
  3. Connect power supply to power supply port
  4. Navigate Menu by pressing arrows and modify parameters by clicking set and save both before and after the modifications have been made.

Technical Specifications

Suited Fan Models

  • Max-Fan Pro Series EC 150
  • Max-Fan Pro Series EC 160
  • Max-Fan Pro Series EC 200
  • Max-Fan Pro Series EC 250
  • Max-Fan Pro Series EC 315
  • Max-Fan Pro Series EC 355
  • Max-Fan Pro Series 150 controllable
  • Max-Fan Pro Series 160 controllable
  • Max-Fan Pro Series 200 controllable
  • Max-Fan Pro Series 250 controllable
  • Max-Fan Pro Series 315 controllable
  • Max-Fan Pro Series 400 controllable
  • Q-Max EC 150
  • Q-Max EC 160
  • Q-Max EC 200
  • Q-Max EC 250
  • Q-Max EC 315
  • Q-Max EC 355
  • Q-Max EC 355
  • Q-Max 150 controllable
  • Q-Max 160 controllable
  • Q-Max 200 controllable
  • Q-Max 250 controllable
  • Q-Max 315 controllable
  • Q-Max 400 controllable
A Can-Fan EC Satellite must be used in conjunction to operate the following fan models using the Can-Fan EC Controller.

  • Max Fan 250/1625 max. 2 units
  • Max Fan 250/1740 max. 2 units
  • Max Fan 280/2360 max. 2 units
  • Max Fan 315/2360 max. 2 units
  • Max Fan 315/3510 max. 2 units
  • Max Fan 355/2580 max. 2 units
  • Max Fan 355/4990 max. 1 unit
  • Iso-Max 250/1480 max. 2 units
  • Iso-Max 250/2310 max. 2 units
  • Iso-Max 315/ 2380 max. 2 units
  • Iso-Max 315/3260 max. 2 units
  • Iso-Max 355/4800 max. 1 unit

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