Bubble Box Double - Legana Plants Plus
Bubble Box Double - Legana Plants Plus

Bubble Box Double


Product Information

Introducing the Bubblebox Double deep water culture growing system from Nutriculture. This innovative system combines the deep water culture technique with a timed top feed feature, resulting in impressive yields.

Here's how it works: The Bubblebox submerges the plant roots into a nutrient solution that is highly oxygenated. Specially designed trays hold the plants in position, allowing the roots to explore and absorb the available nutrients. Clay pebbles can be used to stabilize the plants within the trays (clay pebbles not included).

The plants receive nourishment through a drip ring that passes over the top of the roots and through the tray. Additionally, the exposed roots at the bottom of the tray are consistently supplied with nutrient solution from the reservoir. The pressure from the airstones in the reservoir helps propel the nutrient solution upwards, ensuring a continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen.

With this constant and optimized supply of nutrients and oxygen, the Bubblebox system is capable of delivering remarkable yields. It provides improved control over feeding and offers greater access to the nutrient solution, resulting in thriving plants and impressive growth.

The Bubblebox deep water culture growing system is an effective and efficient solution for growers seeking high-yielding hydroponic cultivation.

Air Pump and Air Stones are not included.

Bubble Box Double - Legana Plants Plus

Bubble Box Double

Directions of Use

Bubble Box Set Up

  1. Set up the Bubblebox: Assemble the Bubblebox system according to the provided instructions. Make sure all components are securely in place.

  2. Fill the reservoir: Pour the required amount of nutrient solution into the reservoir. Follow the recommended guidelines for the specific plants you are growing.

  3. Position the plants: Place your plants into the specially designed trays, ensuring that the roots are submerged in the nutrient solution.

  4. Stabilize the plants: If desired, use clay pebbles or a suitable stabilizing medium to secure the plants in the trays, helping them maintain an upright position.

  5. Connect the drip ring: Attach the drip ring to the system, ensuring that it passes over the top of the roots and through the tray.

  6. Start the air pump: Plug in the air pump and connect the airstones to it. Place the airstones into the reservoir, allowing them to generate bubbles and oxygenate the nutrient solution.

  7. Monitor the water level: Check the water level in the reservoir regularly to ensure it remains at an appropriate level. Add more nutrient solution as needed.

  8. Maintain the system: Regularly check for any signs of nutrient deficiencies or plant issues. Adjust the nutrient solution concentration or pH level if necessary.

  9. Harvest and enjoy: As your plants grow, monitor their progress. Once they reach the desired maturity, harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Remember to follow the specific instructions provided by Nutriculture for your Bubblebox model, as there may be slight variations in setup and usage.

Technical Specifications

Bubble Box

Bubblebox Dimensions: 110cm x 52cm x 39cm
Tank Volume: 60L
Clay Pebbles Required: 30L

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