Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Kit - Legana Plants Plus
Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Kit - Legana Plants Plus

Adjust-A-Wing Hellion Kit

Size: 600-750W
Colour: 2000K

Product Information

The Hellion 600/750W DE-HPS easily covers a 5’ x 3’3” (1.5m x 1m) footprint—even when positioned at the minimum recommended distance from the canopy. It’s all thanks to the unique, open-ended design of the Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector and Super Spreader. Convection heat rises out of the reflector which, in turn, pulls air up through the canopy keeping it healthy, cool and fresh. Meanwhile the Super Spreader mitigates the risk of hot spots directly beneath the lamp, affording the legendary close placement and canopy penetration that is unique to Adjust-A-Wings.

Commercial warehouse growers using 1000W DE-HPS lamps in deep-dish, greenhouse style reflectors are typically forced to allow five to seven feet (152 – 213 cm) above the plant canopy in order to avoid over-heating their plants. This “brute-force” approach massively compromises overall system efficiency as a huge amount of light is inevitably lost to walls and space outside of the active growing area.

Small, deep-dish greenhouse-style DE-HPS fixtures are simply not suitable for grow tents or domestic indoor growers because they trap heat and concentrate radiant emissions. However, the Hellion 600/750W DE-HPS has been built for grow rooms and grow tents, not greenhouses! As such, it is capable of delivering all the promise of advanced DE-HPS technology without the dreaded burn associated with misused greenhouse lighting.

The Hellion 600/750W DE-HPS offers increased efficiency, higher output, improved lighting spectrum, and longer PAR maintenance (economically viable lamp life) leading to larger yields, lower cost of ownership, and higher quality produce throughout the crop.

In search of unmatched efficiency, performance and spectral integrity we developed and engineered our own e-ballast and lamp as a pair. When ballast and lamp manufacturers develop their wares separately, they are forced to engineer generic products for a wide market (lamps to work on the largest range of ballasts vs. ballasts which are able to fire the widest variety of lamps). Compromises are invariably necessary.

By taking a holistic “ground-up” approach we believe that we are engineering for the real world of the grower—and delivering a flowering spectrum as close to perfection as anything available on the market.

When growers combine the orange-rich spectrum of theHellion 600/750W DE-HPS with the Hellion 630W DE-CMH , something magical happens. Think “Emerson Effect” on steroids! Some commercial growers still believe that “mixed spectrum” can be achieved by bolting a 315W CMH next to every other 1000W DE-HPS on their warehouse ceiling. However, to truly unlock the power of mixing spectra, both blue-rich and orange-rich light needs to be delivered to the plant canopy at comparable incident intensities.

The open-ended design of the Adjust-A-Wings medium Defender reflector allows Deep Spectral Mixing to occur even when the lighting fixtures are positioned at the recommended close proximity. The light crossed over perfectly, bathing plants in the ideal mix of light. Inside the chloroplasts of the plants’ leaves, photosystem I and photosystem II are fully stimulated—not just because both spectra are present—but, crucially, because they are both delivered at high radiant intensity.

Directions of Use


For uniform growth, create warm even light patterns with moderate intensity.

When: Vegetative Growth
Wing setting:Narrow
Lamp Holder Height: Low
Hanging Distance:75-90cm



Trigger flowering deep into the foliage with high intensity light and summer temperatures

When: Flowering
Wing setting: Wide
Lamp Holder Height: High
Hanging Distance:40-60cm



Enhance and balance essential oils as plants mature with the Autumn

When: Maturing
Wing setting: Medium
Lamp Holder Height: Medium
Hanging Distance:60-75cm


Technical Specifications

Adjust-A-Wing Hellion 600W

Luminous Flux: 91,500 lumens
Lumen/watt:CRI: 22.5 Ra8
PPF: 1225 µmol
Photon Efficiency: 2.05 µmol/J
Color Temperature: 2000k
Rated Average Life: 24,000 hours

Adjust-A-Wing Hellion 750W

Luminous Flux: 111,300 lumens
Lumen/watt: 151
CRI: 34.5 Ra8
PPF: 1550 µmol
Photon Efficiency: 2.10 µmol/J
Color Temperature: 2000k
Rated Average Life: 24,000 hours

Intended Use

Socket type:SPP0710 or equally rated double-ended lamp socket
Socket pulse rating:>5kva
Fixture rating:Open/closed
Burning position: Horizontal +- 15°
Bulb designation: T40
Base designation: K12x30s

Physical Specifications

Overall length: 390mm (15.35”)
Glass base to base: 270mm (10.63”)
Glass jacket: 320mm (12.6”)
Glass diameter: 30mm (1.18”)
Weight: 128g (~.28lb)

Recommended Hanging Distance

Vegetative:60cm - 90cm / 24” x 36”
Flowering:45cm - 75cm / 18” x 30”

Recommended Footprints

Flowering: 1.2m x 1.2m /4’ x 4’
Flowering: 1.2m x 1.m /4’ x 5’
Vegetative: 1.2m x 1.8m /4’ x 6’

Please Note: Footprint information applies to both 600W and 750W settings with Super Spreaders. 750W setting increases intensity but not light spread.

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