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1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 LED Grow Tent Starter Kit

Size: 680W
Colour: 3300K

Product Information

The "1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 LED Grow Tent Starter Kit" includes the following components:

  • 1x 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 m Seahawk Tent: This is a grow tent with dimensions of 1.2 meters by 1.2 meters and a height of 2.0 meters. It provides an enclosed space for indoor gardening, allowing you to control the environment for optimal plant growth.
  • 1x Ulight 680W Bar LED: A cutting-edge, full-spectrum LED grow light designed to provide your indoor garden with uniform coverage and deep canopy penetration. The Ulight 680W features high-efficiency OSRAM DURIS LEDs, boasting an impressive efficiency of 2.9 umol/j. Its full spectrum light output is tailored to support plants in all stages of growth, from vegetative through flowering. With 3024 diodes, it ensures every corner of your grow space is well-lit, promoting strong and healthy plant development. The light is also dimmable, offering the flexibility to adjust intensity as needed for optimal plant response. Encased in a durable, IP65-rated waterproof housing, the Ulight 680W is built to last, providing reliable performance with a 3-year warranty. This LED grow light is an essential tool for serious indoor gardeners aiming for maximum yield and quality
  • 1x Cultiv8 Mechanical Timer: The Cultiv8 Mechanical Timer is a device used to control the on/off cycles of electrical equipment. With this timer, you can set specific time intervals for your lighting system or other electrical devices, ensuring they turn on and off automatically according to your desired schedule.
  • 2x Cultiv8 Rope Ratchet: Rope Ratchets are a useful tool for hanging and adjusting the height of your grow light or other equipment. It provides a secure and adjustable suspension system, allowing you to easily raise or lower the position of your lights within the grow tent.
  • 1x Can-Fan RK 100: The Can-Fan RK 100 is a fan designed for ventilation in grow tents. It helps to circulate air and maintain proper airflow within the tent, which is crucial for controlling temperature and humidity levels.
  • 1x 100mm Seahawk Ducting: Seahawk Ducting is used to connect the ventilation system components. It ensures proper airflow from the fan to the outside environment, helping to remove stale air and maintain a fresh and ventilated grow space.
  • 1x Can-Lite GT 300: The Can-Lite GT 300 is a carbon filter that helps eliminate odors and purify the air in your grow tent. It effectively removes unwanted smells and ensures the air leaving the tent is clean and odor-free.
  • 1x 100mm Can-Fan Plastic Flange: The Can-Fan Plastic Flange is used to connect the ducting to the fan and secure the connection. It provides a tight seal and prevents air leakage.
  • 3x 100mm Duct Clamp: Duct Clamps are used to secure and tighten the ducting connections, ensuring a reliable and airtight setup.

This grow tent kit provides you with a comprehensive package to create a controlled indoor growing environment. It includes the essential components for lighting, ventilation, and odor control. With the tent, LED lighting, timer, rope ratchets, fan, ducting, carbon filter, flange, and clamps, you can set up a budget-friendly system to support healthy plant growth and maintain an optimal growing environment.

Directions of Use

Set Up Instructions:

  1. Upon receiving your kit, open the package to ensure all components are present. Cross-reference with the kit list for accuracy.

  2. Assemble the Seahawk Tent (1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 m) by following the included instructions. Ensure the frame is securely constructed and the tent fabric is correctly fitted and fastened.

  3. Proceed to install the Ulight 680W Bar LED inside the tent. It is recommended to consult the light's manual for any specific setup requirements. Ensure the light is securely mounted and evenly distributed over your intended grow area.

  4. Utilize the Cultiv8 Rope Ratchets to hang the Ulight 680W LED. Secure the ratchets to a strong part of the tent's frame, adjusting the light to the recommended height above your plants based on their growth stage.

  5. Connect the 100mm Can-Fan Plastic Flange to the Can-Lite GT 300 Carbon Filter firmly to ensure a tight seal.

  6. Mount the Can-Lite GT 300 Carbon Filter inside the tent with the help of the Cultiv8 Rope Ratchets. Make sure it's positioned at a height that optimizes air filtration without obstructing the light or plant growth.

  7. Attach the Can-Fan RK 100 inline fan to the carbon filter using the 100mm Seahawk Ducting, securing all connections with Duct Clamps. This arrangement should facilitate effective air extraction from the tent, maintaining air quality and temperature.

  8. Set up the SMSCOM Smart Fan Controller by connecting it to the inline fan and placing the temperature sensor within the tent. Adjust the controller settings to maintain your desired environmental conditions.

  9. Inspect all electrical connections, the stability of the light installation, and the airflow system to ensure everything is secure and operates as intended.

  10. Activate your grow light system and fan controller. Adjust the Ulight 680W LED's intensity as needed to match your plants' light requirements, ensuring optimal growth conditions are met.

Always adhere to safety guidelines as advised by the equipment manufacturers. Monitor your grow tent's environmental conditions regularly, adjusting settings as needed to ensure the health and vitality of your plants.

NOTE: The setup instructions provided aim to guide you through a standard configuration. Depending on your specific needs or constraints, adjustments might be necessary to optimize your grow space.

Technical Specifications


1x 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 m Seahawk Tent
1x 680W Ulight Bar LED
1x Cultiv8 Mechanical Timer
2x Cultiv8 Rope Ratchet
1x Can-Fan RK 100
1x Seahawk 100mm Ducting
1x Can-Lite GT 300
1x Can-Fan Plastic Flange 100mm
3x Duct Clamp 100mm

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