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Hortitek UV-A Enhancer Bar

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Size: 30W
Colour: UV-A

Product Information

Introducing the Hortitek UV-A Quality Enhancer Bar 30w - the perfect addition to your grow room for cultivating more flavorful and potent plants. By supplementing your existing lighting setup with the UV-A Enhancer, you can enhance the light spectrum and unlock a range of benefits. Let's explore the advantages of incorporating UV-A light into your grow:

  1. Enhanced Secondary Metabolites: Natural sunlight contains UV-A spectrum in a typical ratio, which plays a significant role in plant growth. UV-A light has been found to increase plant biomass and enhance the production of secondary metabolites. These secondary metabolites include essential oils, pigments, and compounds responsible for flavors and aromas in plants. By incorporating the Hortitek UV-A Quality Enhancer Bar, you can promote the synthesis of these valuable compounds, resulting in more flavorful and potent plants.

  2. Effects Similar to Blue Light: UV-A light shares similarities with the blue light spectrum in terms of its impact on plant growth. Just like blue light, UV-A light can lead to shorter, more compact plants with hardened growth. By supplementing your grow room with UV-A light, you can influence the plant's morphology and structure, creating robust and sturdy plants.

  3. Full Life Cycle Usage: To harness the full potential of UV-A light, we recommend supplementing it throughout the entire life cycle of your plants, alongside your main lighting fixture. This ensures that your plants receive consistent exposure to UV-A light, promoting enhanced secondary metabolite production and optimized growth characteristics.

Important Note: It is crucial to understand that different plant species have varying tolerances to UV radiation. UV-A radiation can be harmful to plants if it is too intense or used in excess. If you notice prominent damage to your plants, it is recommended to reduce the UV-A exposure time and find a balance that works best for your specific plant species.

By integrating the Hortitek UV-A Quality Enhancer Bar 30w into your grow room, you can elevate the quality, flavor, and potency of your plants. Enhance secondary metabolite production, promote compact and sturdy growth, and unlock the true potential of your harvest. Experience the difference with the Hortitek UV-A Quality Enhancer Bar 30w and witness the transformation in your plants. Upgrade your grow room today and cultivate more flavorful and potent plants with Hortitek UV-A Quality Enhancer Bar 30w.

Directions of Use

Set Up Instructions

  1. Assess Your Lighting Setup: Evaluate your current lighting setup and determine the ideal placement for the Hortitek UV-A Enhancer Bar. Consider factors such as the size of your grow room, the position of your plants, and the compatibility with your existing lighting fixtures.

  2. Mount the Enhancer Bar: Securely mount the Hortitek UV-A Enhancer Bar in a suitable location within your grow room. Ensure it is properly aligned and securely fastened to prevent any movement or accidents during operation.

  3. Connect the Power Source: Connect the power cord of the Hortitek UV-A Enhancer Bar to a reliable power source. Make sure the power source meets the electrical requirements of the enhancer bar and is compatible with the voltage specifications.

  4. Test the Bar: Before incorporating the UV-A Enhancer Bar into your regular lighting schedule, it is recommended to test it for a short period. Turn on the enhancer bar and observe its performance, ensuring that it is functioning properly and providing the desired UV-A light output.

  5. Determine Exposure Time: Research and understand the UV-A tolerance of your specific plant species. Start with a conservative exposure time and gradually increase it based on the plant's response. Monitor the plants closely for any signs of stress or damage.

  6. Integrate into Lighting Schedule: Once you have confirmed the UV-A Enhancer Bar is working correctly and determined the appropriate exposure time, incorporate it into your regular lighting schedule. Consider supplementing the UV-A light alongside your main lighting fixture throughout the entire life cycle of your plants.

  7. Monitor Plant Response: Observe your plants carefully for any changes in growth, secondary metabolite production, or overall health. Pay attention to the development of flavors, aromas, and the potency of the plants. Adjust the exposure time if necessary based on the plant's response and any signs of stress.

  8. Maintain Proper Distance: Keep the UV-A Enhancer Bar at an appropriate distance from the plants to prevent excessive exposure. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations regarding the recommended distance for optimal results.

  9. Regular Maintenance: Keep the Hortitek UV-A Enhancer Bar clean and free from dust or debris. Regularly inspect the connections and cords for any signs of damage or wear. If necessary, clean the enhancer bar using a soft, dry cloth.

  10. Follow Safety Precautions: Adhere to all safety precautions provided by the manufacturer. Avoid direct exposure to UV-A light, as it can be harmful to human eyes and skin. Use protective eyewear and clothing when working near the UV-A Enhancer Bar.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effectively use the Hortitek UV-A Enhancer Bar to enhance secondary metabolite production, promote robust plant growth, and improve the quality of your harvest. Unlock the full potential of your plants with the Hortitek UV-A Enhancer Bar and cultivate more flavorful and potent plants.

Technical Specifications

Hortitek UV-A Enhancer Bar

Product Code: M4650
Product Name:UV-A Enhancer
Spectrum: UV-A
Wattage: 30W
Voltage Range: 100-277V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Amperage @ 120V: 0.25
Amperage @ 208V:
Amperage @ 220V:
Amperage @ 230V:
Amperage @ 240V:
Amperage @ 277V:
Power Factor (PF): >0.95
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <10%
Thermal Management: Passive
British Thermal Units (BTU): 102
Dimensions (L x W x H): 600mm x 57mm x 39mm (23.62”x2.24”x1.53”)
Total Weight: 1.0kg ± 0.3kg (2.2lbs ± 0.66lbs)
Working Temperature: 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F)
Storing Temperature: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
IP Rating: IP65
Certificates: Intertek, SAA N15781, CE, RoHS Compliant
Warranty: 3 Years

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