Budwise - Legana Plants Plus
Budwise - Legana Plants Plus
Budwise - Legana Plants Plus


Size: 50ml

Product Information

BUDWISE is a specialized product designed for hydroponic systems that helps prevent male pollen and flowers from forming, allowing for the production of female flowers, which are typically the most valuable part of the plant for growers. By influencing the initiation and sexual differentiation of flower buds to their most female form, BUDWISE helps ensure that the plants in your hydroponic setup produce high-quality flowers, maximizing the value of your crop.

BUDWISE is specifically formulated to target the critical stage of floral development in plants, helping to eliminate the formation of male flowers that can lead to pollination and reduce the quality and potency of the final product. This product is designed to be used during the flowering stage of plant growth in hydroponic systems, providing a problem-free run and helping to optimize the yield and quality of the flowers.

With BUDWISE, growers can have peace of mind knowing that their hydroponic setup is optimized for female flower production, which is often the desired outcome for most commercial and hobbyist growers. By eradicating male pollen and flowers and promoting female flower development, BUDWISE helps ensure that your crop is not rendered worthless due to pollination issues and allows you to achieve the best results from your hydroponic system. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper use of BUDWISE and use it in accordance with applicable regulations and safety guidelines.

Directions of Use


43.5ml/L or 1ml/23ml (Distilled Water)


Reduce nutrient strength by 50% 1 day prior to and for 2 days after each application.


Shut off ventilation source and resume 1 hour after application is complete.
Spray 40-60ml of solution per plant at the onset of the flowering cycle. Apply solution at least 6 hours prior to start of artificial light source.

Reapply in 10 days using the procedure above

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