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1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 Grow Tent Ultimate Kit

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Product Information

The "1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 Ultimate Grow Tent Kit" encompasses an advanced collection of components designed for the serious indoor gardener looking to optimize their plant growth with precision control over their environment. This comprehensive kit includes:

1x Seahawk 1.2 X 1.2 X 2.0M Grow Tent: A premium quality grow tent measuring 1.2 meters in length and width, with a height of 2.0 meters. It serves as the ideal enclosed space for indoor gardening, allowing for the meticulous management of the growing environment to ensure optimal plant development.

2x Can-Lite GT 300: These carbon filters are essential for purifying the air within your grow tent. They are highly effective in eliminating odors and ensuring that the air exiting your tent is clean and free of unwanted smells, doubling the efficiency for larger setups or more odoriferous plants.

2x Plastic Flange: Used for securely connecting ducting to your fans and filters, these flanges ensure a tight seal that prevents air leakage, essential for maintaining an efficient ventilation system.

1x Can-Fan RK 100: A robust inline fan designed to facilitate air circulation within the grow tent, crucial for regulating temperature and humidity levels to create an ideal growing environment.

1x Can-Fan RS 100: An additional high-performance fan designed to complement the ventilation system, ensuring optimal airflow and environmental control within the grow space.

2x Acoustic Rockwool Ducting 5M: Premium ducting that not only ensures efficient air movement but also reduces noise, making for a quieter grow room setup. These 5-meter lengths are perfect for customizing your ventilation system.

4x Duct Clamp: These clamps are essential for securing your ducting connections, ensuring a reliable and airtight setup for effective ventilation.

2x SMSCOM Smart Fan Controller + Temperature Probe: A cutting-edge controller that automatically adjusts fan speed based on temperature, maintaining an ideal climate within the tent. The included temperature probe allows for precise monitoring and control.

1x Lumatek 600W Zeus Pro 2.9 LED: A high-efficiency LED grow light that provides a full spectrum of light, ideal for all stages of plant growth. The Lumatek Zeus Pro offers exceptional light distribution and penetration, promoting vigorous plant growth and bloom.

2x Cultiv8 Rope Ratchet: Handy tools for hanging and adjusting the height of your grow light or other equipment, offering a secure and easily adjustable suspension system.

1x Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0: This advanced control panel allows for the seamless integration and control of your Lumatek lighting and other grow room devices, enabling programmable light cycles, dimming, and more for ultimate environmental control.

1x Pulse One: An environmental monitoring tool that tracks temperature, humidity, light, and VPD within your grow tent. It sends real-time alerts to your device, helping you stay informed about your garden's conditions at all times.

The "1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 Ultimate Grow Tent Kit" is the pinnacle of indoor gardening kits, offering everything you need to establish a highly controlled, efficient, and productive indoor garden. With its advanced lighting, climate control, and air purification components, you can ensure the healthiest growth and highest yields from your plants.

Directions of Use

Set Up Instructions:

  1. Upon opening the box, ensure all components of the "1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 Ultimate Grow Tent Kit" are accounted for.

  2. Assemble the Seahawk 1.2 X 1.2 X 2.0M Grow Tent by following the provided instructions carefully, ensuring that the frame is stable and the fabric is securely fastened.

  3. Set up the Lumatek 600W Zeus Pro 2.9 LED light inside the tent, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines for connecting it to its power source.

  4. Suspend the Lumatek 600W Zeus Pro 2.9 LED light using the Cultiv8 Rope Ratchets, attaching them to the tent frame or a reliable support, and adjust the height to suit your plant’s needs.

  5. Attach a Plastic Flange to each Can-Lite GT 300 Carbon Filter, ensuring a snug and secure connection.

  6. Utilize the Cultiv8 Rope Ratchets to hang both Can-Lite GT 300 Carbon Filters inside the tent, fixing them to a robust support structure and positioning them for effective air filtration.

  7. Install the Can-Fan RK 100 as the inline fan for air intake and the Can-Fan RS 100 as the extraction fan to create a slight negative pressure inside the tent. Connect each fan to the corresponding Can-Lite GT 300 Carbon Filter using the Acoustic Rockwool Ducting, and secure all connections with Duct Clamps.

  8. Configure the SMSCOM Smart Fan Controller by connecting it to both fans and placing the temperature probe inside the tent. Adjust the controller settings to suit your environmental requirements.

  9. Check that all ducting connections are secure and airtight, using Duct Clamps to eliminate any potential air leaks.

  10. Link the Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0 to your Lumatek 600W Zeus Pro 2.9 LED light according to the manufacturer's instructions, setting up your desired lighting schedule and controls.

  11. Deploy the Pulse One environmental monitor within the tent to monitor temperature, humidity, light levels, and VPD, making adjustments to your setup as necessary based on the gathered data.

Adhere to all safety precautions and manufacturer guidelines closely. Continuous monitoring and adjusting of the temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions are essential to maintaining an optimal environment for plant growth.

NOTE: The specific orientation of the Carbon Filters does not impact their effectiveness. The setup instructions are provided for a commonly used layout, but adjustments can be made based on individual needs or preferences.

Technical Specifications


1x Seahawk 1.2 X 1.2 X 2.0M Grow Tent
2x Can Lite GT 300
2x Plastic Flange
1x Can-Fan RK 100
1x Can-Fan RS 100
2x Acoustic Rockwool Ducting 5M
4x Duct Clamp
2x SMSCOM Smart Fan Controller + Temperature Probe
1x Lumatek 600W Zeus Pro 2.9 LED
2x Cultiv8 Rope Ratchet
1x Lumatek Control Panel Plus 2.0
1x Pulse One

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